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Selling Tips

Are you looking at selling your property??? Always remember, "First impressions are lasting impressions" which has a big impact on potential buyers. Therefore, you should always remember to make the first impression a good impression which is paramount to the successful sale of your property.

Below you will find a few helpful suggestions and tips to consider when selling your home to make it more sellable and appealing to buyers.

1. Spring Clean

  • Keep the inside and outside of your property clean and tidy.
  • Make sure windows and screens are functional, clean and sparkling.
  • Make sure carpets and curtains are clean.
  • Consider replacing carpets if possible or necessary.
  • Keep swimming pool clean and clear.
  • Remove oil and other stains from the garage floor.
  • Tidy up, hold a garage sale and get rid of anything of you are no longer using.

2. Light

Lighting plays a big role in presenting a property, as bright properties sell well because lights create a good impression and atmosphere. Keep curtains open, so there is plenty of natural light. Make sure all the lights are functioning and turn on lights before inspections, if necessary.

3. Fix Faults

  • Make sure all the doors and windows can open and close freely without noise.
  • Make sure taps and cisterns are not leaking.

4. Gardens

Keep the lawns, gardens and landscaping neat and tidy, because overgrown gardens give buyers a bad impression of it being too difficult to look after. Remember to roll up the garden hose. If there is moss growing on your garden paths, hire a water blaster and remove it.

5. Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom

These are the most important rooms in a house. If they are kept squeaky clean, they can help make a sale happen. If they are kept well presented, they can help create a good atmosphere and let buyers feel warm and comfortable in the house.

6. Smell

Always open windows before inspections as fresh air smells best. You might need to use an air freshener to remove unwanted smells such as cigarette smoke.

7. Pets

Make sure you keep your pets outside during open inspections, because some buyers may be afraid of animals and some are even allergic to them.


Trees may need to be trimmed and tidied if they are blocking the best views of your property. Clean windows and screens that open onto views so that the surrounding environment can be seen clearly.

9. Outside

Spruce up the exterior of your property by washing down or repainting the property, if necessary. This helps your property look new and fresh to help you achieve a better price faster.

10. Good Atmosphere

Always turn off the television and any other loud music during inspections. Have soft light classical music playing, if appropriate, when a buyer is inspecting your property.

11. Little Things

Fix all those "little things" such as the crack in the brickwork, the screen that won't close properly or a leaky tap. These things won't cost much to fix but will make a big difference.

12. First Impressions

Check that your property looks attractive from the street and surrounding environment or your sales associate may find it difficult to get buyers in the front door.

13. Temperature

In winter, you may need to have the heater going to welcome buyers into a warm home. On hot summer days, keep the windows and doors open to air the property.

14. Homely Touches

Last but not least, add to the feel of the home by decorating your property and placing fresh flowers on the table, a bowl of fruit or jar of cookies in the kitchen. Sometimes buying is an emotional decision.